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Posted on October 3, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Looking at two men's style magazines this fall, I was appalled at the sloppy interpretations of traditional clothing. Here's one: "waistcoats" or vests that are way too long. A waistcoat is just that, and no amount of fanciful tinkering with length, just to be edgy or to conceal low-slung trousers is going to change the fact. The incorrectly-extended garment needs to be called something else:


And, speaking of low-slung trousers, men are still buying whatever the clothing industry produces, even if their legs are visually miniaturised in the process. Now, to go along with their plumber's-crack specials,  guys are wearing ties that go down to their crotches, as well as clownishly long vests over billowing shirts (additional consequences of mindlessly following fashion).  The clothing culture has become so twisted that people of both genders are confusing "high-waisted" with waist-high--which is the level at which anyone with good taste wears his or her trousers and skirts.

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