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Waffle-Weave Towels Save Energy and Inhibit Mould

Posted on September 26, 2009 at 10:39 AM


I bought a cotton waffle-weave bath towel at the Marimekko store in Porvoo (Borgå), Finland, five years ago. I used nothing but that rather expensive and beautiful Marimekko bath-towel at home, and thus decided to make my own. I bought several yards of waffle-weave cotton in unbleached white, and trimmed the edges with taupe-coloured extra-wide, doubler-fold bias tape by Wright's. I've just finished making one, and shall create another for my husband today.

I can make two of these bath-towels for about twenty-five dollars. But, you can get some beautiful ones made in Pakistan for $19.99 each, at www.greenfeet.com.


Waffle-weave towels are very absorbent, lightweight, and dry quickly, thereby reducing the wetness in your bathroom, which discourages the growth of mould. You won't need to dry these towels in a machine, since they dry quickly on their own. And after showers or baths, they are luxurious to wrap about your wet, clean hair. I've included a photo of the towel I made, drying on the clothes-line.

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