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Solar G-Shock by Casio

Posted on December 5, 2011 at 9:30 AM

A collection of solar G-Shock watches by Casio basks in the sun, getting all charged-up to survive for months of multi-function use. These G-Shocks are among the world's toughest and most dependable watches, and each of these models tells time in 48 cities and 29 time zones around the planet; each also includes useful lighted display, alarm, timer and stopwatch functions. And because the iconic G-Shock lateral tank shape is now available in a range of colours and surface treatments, ladies and gents alike may use these rugged watches as fashion accessories. I wear mine with both country clothes and evening clothes--ladies often are amused by the unusual juxtaposition of tough military-inspired styling and silk chiffon...: a G-Shock in the right colour is an unexpected boon to any woman of substance! 

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