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A Few Points about Elegant Survival

Posted on October 1, 2010 at 10:17 AM

A few words about what you see here at Elegant Survival: www.elegantsurvival.net is not a commercial website, thus its suffix is not .com but .net.  There are websites out there which came  after mine, with similar topics, the addresses of which end in .org, even though they are heavily-laden with advertisements. The internet frowns upon such misrepresentation, but they go ahead undeterred using web-addresses ending in ".org,"  a suffix that is reserved for non-profit entities. Elegant Survival occasionally recommends salutary products and clothing that I have tested myself, and those items which are produced by my friends. It is not a money-generating entity, and probably never shall be.

This site is not a blog, though there is a blog-page here, M-J's Mini-Blog, to which I occasionally contribute, as I am doing right now. Here at Elegant Survival you will find a series of pages that are static, difficult to edit and update, due to a rather unreliable hosting service that only works well under certain conditions. The content herein is written by and copyright M-J de Mesterton, with individual creation-dates of photos and articles included, except in rare cases. I will very occasionally feature material of others and give it proper attribution, because if it has already been said or written about, I will go straight to the source and feature the edifying piece rather than emulating it, since I do not engage in mimicry. When I first began publishing Elegant Survival, the very word, "elegant" had fallen into disuse, and there was so little content on the internet employing the term that just using the search-word, "elegant" brought up my site as the first result. Last year, both in print and on the George Noory radio show Coast to Coast a.m., prognosticator and Elegant Survival reader Gerald Celente made one of his famous predictions, to wit that elegance was going to make a comeback, especially the kind that doesn't rely upon wasteful expenditure of cash. Felicitously, he was correct, and now elegance is being brandished over the airwaves and internet like never before. Tweed, which I have been writing about since 2005, is also experiencing a resurgence in popularity, because it is not only luxurious but durable--just the sort of stylish, traditional and practical thing that exemplifies the Elegant Survival theme.

Because of their relatively easy hosting and posting qualities, I have branched-out to blog at Wordpress and Blogspot. Blogs are not to be confused with public forums or  forae; they were not originally intended as places where anonymous web-surfers can contribute and comment, though these days some bloggers are allowing such potentially dodgy activity. I simply do not have the free hours required for addressing comments or removing spam and, by the same token, because of my lack of adequate time in which to respond, do not wish to ignore those who would make interesting or benevolent remarks.

A note about Wordpress, where I host Elegant Survival News: it has come to my attention that when one is  logged-into their own site, surreptitiously-placed advertisements generated by Wordpress do not appear, but to my horror, I noticed recently that when I was perusing the site without being logged-in, ads were showing up there within my posts. I was mortified, and never would have written my blog there had I known what they were doing behind my back. I then did some research, and saw that other Wordpress users had experienced the same embarrassing if not enraging epiphany--finding that the public has been seeing adverts on their blogs all along without their knowledge. Like them, if I wanted ads, I would employ one of the many services, and control exactly what is being touted on my site. The Elegant Survival News blog will probably remain standing,  dubious adverts and all, because it is regularly visited by people around the globe. However, my au courant posts are being written on a page hosted by Blogger, Elegant Survivalist.

Thank you for visiting Elegant Survival!

©M-J de Mesterton; September 30th, 2010

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